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Nature's Theme
Knuckle Rings

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The classic Designs

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From 27 March 2013 onwards, we noticed that spammers have been abusing the amezin.com domain name to send large amounts of spam.
This has nothing to do with Amezin or any of the settings on our website or domain. It only appears to come from amezin.com due to the words that the spammers put in the messages.
If you check the properties of the these spam messages, you see that although the reply-to mail address is "random"@amezin.com, the actual sender of the spam message is completely different.
Any mail from us will come from info@amezin.com or admin@amezin.com. Please contact us for any additional information on this issue.

We recently re-acquired the original amezin.com domain name back.

Working on a new version of the amezin.com website. Check back later.

Latest update: March 29, 2013