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"NATURE'S THEME OF THE AMEZIN'S CREATION" is a unique range of jewelry never before seen. It is so true to life that it depicts the smallest details of nature.

It is created by the inspiring forces of nature as that of joyful dolphins playing around each other. It also shows dolphins that have been trapped as a result of commercial fishing, without realizing that because of their friendly and sociable nature when one of them is trapped in a net, others in the same pod will risk their lives to save it, often with disastrous consequences. Corals such as the black, golden and red ones are being dug up and sold in the black market at a lucrative price and this irresponsible act has resulted in permanent damage to the Eco-system. As if this was not enough the use of cocktail bombs by some fishermen to catch fish is destroying vast areas of marine life and its natural habitat.

From the ocean to the neglected rainforests, little thought is being put into preserving wildflowers and wildlife. Every year, thousands of acres of virgin rainforests are being cleared and burnt for logging, agriculture and development. Together with the wildlife, fauna and flora are being cleared to the brink of extinction.

We at AMEZIN are dedicated to the conservation of nature's beautiful, exotic and varied creatures of the land and sea in permanent form, sculptures made from precious metals and gemstones by craftsmen whose creativity is of the highest standard. They will help us preserve the beauty of nature so that our children and their children will be able to continue seeing and enjoying them.

Every piece of our jewelry is individually crafted and the only one of its kind. The master craftsmen who carve the stones are from Idar Oberstein in Germany and from China where they have a long history of their detailed craftwork. It will be an everlasting reminder of how precious our environment is. It can also be an heirloom for you or your loved ones to cherish and treasure.